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Veteran’s Issues

For several years, I served as the South Carolina Governor's representative on the South Carolina Military Base Task Force. Through serving on that Task Force, I learned that BRAC, in future base closing deliberations, will consider whether a base is located in a state that has addressed particular “quality-of-life” issues unique to military families. I have sponsored bills that have passed by the legislature and been signed into law by the governor that accomplish those quality of life measures. They are:


  • A bill to allow members of the military and their spouse and dependents to vote by absentee ballot in all elections

  • A bill to increase protections for military personnel against predatory lending

  • A bill to make it easier for military spouses to transfer professional license

  • A bill to extend property-tax exemption to property used for military housing

  • A bill to provide Medicaid waiver protections to in-state members of the armed service

  • A bill to improve communications between state child welfare agencies and the local installations

  • A bill to promote affordable child care for military children 

  • A bill to create a task force to identify issues related to military-connected children

  • A bill that commissions an annual report re: the performance of military-connected children who attend our schools

  • A bill to create a Veterans Treatment Court that habilitates veterans with addictions

  • A bill to provide in-state tuition rates for military personnel and dependent

I am proud that South Carolina ranks #1 in the nation in enacting laws that enhance the quality of life of our military community and recognize the unique challenges those families face.

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